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HVAC Financing in Champaign, Mahomet, Urbana, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Why Financing?

Often times, a decision is made to repair an older, less efficient unit instead of replacing it with a newer, energy-efficient unit due to the high cost of a new system. Consumer financing can be an effective tool to fit a new system into your budget without breaking the bank, while unlocking savings through reduced energy usage when compared to older, less-efficient units.

Base Your Decision on Comfort, Not Budget

When faced with a purchase decision, a minimum or standard efficiency heating and/or cooling system is often the path of least resistance. It’s usually the least expensive option, initially. Given the real possibility of increases in minimum efficiency ratings, the new base-efficiency system’s rating is likely the same or greater than that of your old system. It’s easy to rationalize this default decision. But, with the insight we’re about to provide, it will be just as easy to see the wisdom of upgrading to a high-efficiency heating and/or cooling system.

Let’s start by considering the three basic goals of a central heating and cooling system:

  • Consistent heating and cooling
  • Humidity control
  • Cost-efficient operation

These objectives are interrelated and best achieved by a high-efficiency heating and/or cooling system. However, most current minimum-efficiency air conditioners just don’t have the upgraded key components to make that happen.

There are many financing options available to make your new home comfort system affordable that can fit almost any budget.

Your new home comfort system is a very important investment that can offer energy savings for many years to come.

Can you finance your other home maintenance projects?

You most certainly can! Our programs don’t limit you to just one aspect of your project. Our financing will allow you to complete all of your home improvement projects! Your whole home comfort, reliability, safety, and health is a priority and we treat it that way!

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