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Assured Comfort Club

You know a regular tune-up keeps your car running efficiently, so why wouldn’t you have a regular home mechanical check-up by one of our certified technicians to keep your home in good shape too?

By joining our Assured Comfort Club, you have access to the area’s best licensed Service Professionals. You’ll never have to worry about the little things that aren’t working or the hidden problems that could require costly repairs later.

Instead of searching and waiting for a Plumber or a Heating and Air Service Technician when something needs to be fixed. Sign up today for our Assured Comfort Club. Prevent surprises from sneaking up on you!

Don’t rely on the contractor that never returns phone calls!  Sign-Up today and never worry about repairs again!

Benefits of Joining the Assured Comfort Club:

  • Assessment of Exhaust Fan Function (YEARLY)
  • Refrigerator Coil Cleaning (YEARLY)
  • Attic Space Analysis (YEARLY)
  • Pipe and Venting Crawl/Under-Floor Space Analysis (YEARLY)
  • Gas Leak Testing (YEARLY)
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning (YEARLY)
  • Inspect/Clean/Replace Furnace Filters (MONTHLY)

Energy Savings Agreements

Preferred Maintenance Agreement
Priority scheduling for emergency service
10-30% discount on repairs
No overtime fees for emergency service
Free diagnostic (if needed) at time of maintenance
Replacement discount for purchases of a new system
Check air filter
Inspect heat exchanger
Inspect for proper flue gas venting
Clean and inspect burners
Clean heat exchanger
Clean and inspect flue draft diverter/motor
Inspect for combustion leaks
Adjust electrical connections if needed
Adjust combustion for optimum fuel efficiency
Inspect safety shutoff response
Clean and adjust automatic controls
Lubricate as needed
Inspect condenser coil
Inspect indoor coil
Inspect blower for buildup
Inspect blower belt wear and alignment
Test contactor function
Check refrigerant level
Inspect safety devices
Test condensate drain
Adjust system for optimum cooling
Check expansion valve and coil temperatures
Clean condenser coil (routine cleaning)
Measure freon pressure
Clean blower assembly of normal dirt
Measure volts/amps of blower motor
Clean evaporator coil where accessable (routine cleaning)
Monitor air temperatures
Clean condensation drain pan where accessable
Measure volts/amps of compressor
Measure volts/amps of condenser fan motor
Check thermostat calibration

Sign up today for Assured Comfort Club. Contact us now for pricing!