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Furnace Maintenance in Champaign – Urbana, IL and Surrounding Areas

Omni Service Group, Inc. Is Here To Ensure Your Furnace Is Ready For Winter With Furnace Maintenance In Champaign – Urbana, IL and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Maintenance in Champaign, ILMany homeowners put off getting furnace maintenance in Champaign – Urbana, IL and Surrounding Areas. The majority of the time, this is based on the “if it’s not broken – don’t try to fix it”.

If you truly care about the comfort of your home, having an expert technician perform a detailed inspection once a year is absolutely essential. Annual maintenance will help improve the performance of your unit. Let’s not forget the ton of money it will save you in the long run.

Don’t worry, Omni Service Group, Inc. has got you covered. We offer premium furnace maintenance in Champaign, Mahomet, Urbana, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Why Furnace Maintenance In Champaign – Urbana, IL and Surrounding Areas Is So Important

Did you know that your furnace is guaranteed to lose up to 5-percent of its efficiency annually? This reduced performance can increase your utility bills by up to 15%. This may not sound like much – but trust us when we say that it all adds up over time.

Omni Service Group, Inc. will help you prevent this from happening. Our technicians have years of practical experience working on furnaces. They will be able to improve the performance of your heating system and reduce the stress it is under while keeping your home comfortable. Now, imagine getting all that while also drastically cutting back on your monthly utility bills!

Picture this. Your furnace breaks down. You get the repair bill, it’s going to burn a giant hole in your wallet. You begin panicking. But then you remember you have a manufacturer warranty to help you out. Did you know that in order to claim your warranty, you will need to prove you have been getting yearly preventative maintenance?

When Is The Best Time To Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance?

If you truly want to ensure your furnace is ready to keep your home warm during the winter, finding the right time to get preventative maintenance is important. We recommend scheduling an appointment for the fall.

Our technicians have received the latest training the industry has to offer. This helps us find the smallest of problems. Trust us when we say that your comfort is safe in our hands. All that is left is for you to get in touch with our awesome support staff.

Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance Today!

Would you like to schedule a furnace maintenance in Champaign – Urbana, IL and Surrounding Areas? We are one call away.

Our friendly support staff can help you schedule your appointment at a time that suits you. All you need to do is get in touch with us. You can do this by calling at (217) 403-9039. You can also check out our Contact Us page.